ICAI's future work plan - a consultation

Closed 26 Apr 2019

Opened 27 Feb 2019


The Independent Commission for Aid Impact is the UK’s aid scrutiny body. Our work helps to improve UK aid through robust, independent, scrutiny, and provides assurance to Parliament and the public about aid spending.

We examine the effectiveness and value for money of the UK’s official development assistance, whichever government department spends it. Our work is published online, and we report to Parliament’s International Development Committee, with public hearings held to discuss our findings.

The government responds to each of our recommendations, and we conduct a regular follow-up process to ensure departments are taking action to improve UK aid based on our reviews.

In July 2019, the next four-year phase of ICAI will officially begin, with a new board of Commissioners all in place. We would like to hear your views to help us shape this next chapter in ICAI’s work.

Why We Are Consulting

The information gathered in this consultation will help ICAI plan its future review programme. The responses will be used to inform a paper ICAI will publish in the summer, setting out thoughts on the current UK aid landscape, and ICAI's role within that.